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SMA MEP estimating services that stand out

SMA MEP provides the highest quality construction cost estimation services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects in the USA. Our experienced team of estimators will provide you with a comprehensive estimate for these categories that highlight the material takeoff and labour required to complete your project. SMA MEP estimating services are unparalleled when it comes to accuracy and detail, ensuring that your project planning will be as accurate as possible.

MEP-Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing estimate

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing estimates. Every plumbing system is unique, and because of this, SMA MEP estimating services will take the time to customise estimates to meet your needs.  To help with a range of projects, we provide mechanical estimating and electrical estimating services. Our team has a wealth of practical knowledge, and we employ the most recent software to deliver precise estimates. We take pleasure in our work and recognise the significance of accuracy.

Mastering Cost Estimation Services

Cost estimation services provide construction and remodelling businesses with the valuable information needed to accurately calculate the costs associated with upcoming projects. These involve comprehensive Material Takeoff Services, which are detailed reports of construction materials needed for the job derived from construction plans.

SMA MEP estimating services are the premier provider of construction cost estimating. As a leading construction estimating service, SMA MEP specializes in providing detailed industrial estimating, commercial estimating and residential estimating. SMA MEP’s team of preliminary estimators are highly skilled at preparing ultra-precise material takeoff services and time study estimates that account for all materials and labour costs associated with a project.

SMA MEP’s detailed cost estimating facilitates effective financial planning and minimizes the risk of unexpected increases to the project budget. When it comes to reliable construction cost estimations, SMA MEP provides unmatched accuracy every time.

Our Services Include:

Bid estimates

Bid estimates are documents that provide potential buyers with an overview of the estimated costs for a particular project. By offering professional cost estimating services, SMA MEP is able to provide accurate bid estimates and cost plans that ensure efficient and effective project management.

Design estimates

Design estimates can cover anything from budgeting, manpower needed material procurement, and the timeline given for fulfilment. SMA MEP Estimating Services specializes in design estimates for successful construction projects.

Budget estimates

Budget estimates are a critical component in cost estimating services. These estimates provide an accurate picture of the amount of money to be allocated for a project and help ensure its successful completion. They are usually created by accounting professionals who add up calculated costs, materials, and labor to arrive at an estimated figure that should reflect the actual costs of the project. Additionally, budget estimates help to identify potential overruns before they become an issue during implementation

Design build estimates

Design-build cost estimating is a method of modern project forecasting that combines both the design and construction process by having one source handle all facets from concept to completion. By carefully considering components, associated costs and any other expenses related to a project, this innovative approach helps creates tangible financial goals for an efficient and successful outcome. Design-build construction estimating services take into consideration industry knowledge, historical data and input from contractors, suppliers and other third parties. The final report is a well thought out strategy that includes material prices, labor rates and overhead costs to ensure each client gets unmatched quality results.

Preliminary estimates

Preliminary estimates are initial cost estimates that show the estimated costs of a project before committing to any contracts or agreements. SMA MEP estimating services allow business owners to explore different options and make decisions based on accurate cost estimations. Preliminary estimates in cost estimating services provide a detailed assessment of both the direct and indirect costs associated with a project and include areas such as long-term local labor costs, purchasing materials, permitting, and subcontracting work. This information is particularly important for construction professionals because accuracy in preliminary estimates can significantly affect the success of any project.

Change order estimates

Change order estimates are incredibly important in cost estimating services. They help to accurately assess and gauge the amount of overhead or extra time that may be spent on projects that may not have been indicated in earlier estimates. Change order estimates provide predictability for the client, and accuracy for the contractor, which is so important to delivering services efficiently and up to professional standards. It also creates an opportunity for collaboration between both parties, helping make sure that projects are delivered as expected, within timelines, and can reach desired objectives with greater ease. In summary, change order estimates are a very meaningful part of construction estimating services that should not be overlooked.

Value engineering estimates

Value engineering estimates are an important process utilized by cost estimators when determining the projected cost of a product or service. This valuable tool takes into account the quality and scope of the cost estimating project and compares it with other used techniques to determine if there is any potential for cost reduction. Through careful analysis, adjustments can be made that could lower costs without adversely affecting the outcome of the project.

Quantity takeoffs

Quantity takeoffs in cost estimating services are a process of estimating construction costs based on the physical elements being built. This includes sizing and evaluating items like materials, labor hours, and equipment needed to construct a project. In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy, SMA MEP estimating services review and verify quantity takeoffs by an experienced cost estimator certified in the latest technology used to complete them.

Independent estimates

Independent estimates in construction estimating services are assessments that allow customers to identify known costs associated with a specific project or venture. They are conducted by outside contractors and provide a second opinion to the customer’s internal estimates. Additionally, independent estimators can also review design options, manufacturing processes and logistics plans which help make sure the customer’s project is completed in the most efficient manner possible. By utilizing independent estimates in cost estimating services, SMA MEP ensures customers can be confident they remain on budget while avoiding any potential pitfalls along the way.

Bid documents review

Bid documents review in cost estimating services is a critical step when determining whether there is sufficient detail for an accurate bid. This review process can be incredibly helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the specifics of the project, as it allows them to better identify potential risks and accurately assess pricing. It can also provide additional insight that may influence decisions concerning cost allocation and subcontractor selection. With a well-executed bid documents review, SMA MEP estimating services more confidently proceed with their cost estimates, knowing they have taken into account all the necessary elements.

Bid Submission Assistance

Bid submission assistance in construction estimating services is a process designed to help contractors submit the most accurate and competitive bids possible. These services offer guidance in researching material costs, labor costs and any other factors involved in a bid. Assistance also includes breaking down complicated specifications into more manageable pieces and creating high-level estimates that can be adjusted within a certain range as needed. The ultimate goal of these services used by SMA MEP estimating services is to ensure that contractors are able to prepare timely and professional bids for various projects without making costly miscalculations or errors along the way.

Litigation claim support

Litigation claim support in SMA MEP estimating services is a specialized area of the construction consulting industry. Its primary purpose is to provide information to attorneys and their clients involved in litigation issues related to construction projects. Cost estimators work with legal professionals and owners to assist with the discovery process in cases involving claims for contractor defaults, alterations, delays and disruption. Litigation claim support in cost estimating services also involves uncovering elements that should have been included but weren’t – providing key pieces of evidence when an owner has suffered damages due to deficiencies on behalf of the contractor.

Expert witness

Expert witness in material takeoff services refers to a highly-specialized professional who provides reliable, objective, and authoritative overviews of economic damages and financial losses. Expert witnesses are usually individuals with extensive experience, expertise and qualifications in the field, who can analyze and assess complex issues to come up with a clear opinion on the extent of impairment or injury as well as the anticipated costs for recovery.

Cold eye reviews

Cold eye reviews in cost estimating services refer to a thorough, objective examination of existing estimates. This type of review is conducted from an external perspective and involves breaking down the cost elements that make up any given estimate so potential discrepancies can easily be identified. The goal of a cold eye review is to identify errors or areas of improvement before projects are approved for development. It also provides assurance that plans developed by an SMA MEP estimating services are necessary, realistic, and reflective of current market conditions.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are a crucial part of construction estimating services, as they provide necessary information to determine whether or not a project is feasible within a given budget. These study findings include the evaluation of available resources, review of regulatory standards and industry best practices, assessing the economic viability of the proposed project, and identifying potential risks and opportunities for innovation. A thorough and detailed feasibility study provides valuable insight into every element associated with a cost estimate – from planning and design to implementation and maintenance.


We use the latest tools for multiple estimation projects

Cost Works Value FastPIPE
Planswift FastDUCT
Trimble Bluebeam
RS Means Quest Estimating

Cost works value

The cost works value software is an invaluable asset to any Construction estimating service. It enables users to quickly and easily create accurate estimates for construction projects, regardless of the complexity or scope. This software helps us keep track of budgets and labor costs, as well as identify potential risks along the way. It also provides resources that streamline other aspects of cost estimating such as material takeoff services, market analysis, design review and forecasting. Whether for a small residential job or a large commercial project, cost works value software ensures that time and money are kept in check while ensuring the quality of the final estimated product.


Planswift is a powerful software tool used in SMA MEP estimating services to help construction professionals simplify the process of figuring out budgets and maximising profit margins. By automating common and complex calculations, Planswift significantly streamlines the estimation process, allowing users to create accurate and clear estimates quickly. It also works seamlessly with industry-standard drawing programs like AutoCAD enabling construction professionals to easily transfer measurements while providing instant access to up-to-date pricing information obtained from online vendors. With Planswift, we are able to take control of our business, delivering more accurate estimates faster than ever before.


Trimble software is an innovative cost estimating solution for SMA MEP estimating services. It contains powerful tools and data sources to help architects, engineers, estimators, contractors, subcontractors and other professionals get the most accurate estimates possible. With 3D visualization technology, we can quickly see our project in virtual space before we begin construction. We can also take advantage of automated takeoff abilities that provide precise measurements off of digital plans. Additionally, this software offers a variety of features including bid comparison tracking, material take-off services, personalized dashboards and more. With Trimble as part of our construction estimating services, businesses gain greater insight into their projects and control over their budgets.

RS Means

RS Means software is a powerful cost estimating tool used in the construction industry. It allows us to accurately calculate estimated costs for any project, from materials to labor. This comprehensive and reliable tool can be used for any type of construction project, from residential estimating to industrial estimating, providing an essential resource for any estimator. By utilizing RS Means software, we can review multiple variables associated with a project, ensuring full accuracy and precision in the cost-figuring process while saving valuable time and resources.


Xactimate software is a powerful tool used in the contruction estimating industry to prepare accurate cost estimates for materials, labor and overhead. It enables our estimators to determine the most cost-effective solution for any given project, ensuring that projects are completed satisfactorily and without unnecessary expenditures. Xactimate features a comprehensive library of remodelling materials compiled by manufacturers, contractors and architects that can be used as a reference guide when preparing estimates. The software also enables SMA MEP estimating services to calculate allowances and unit costs with pinpoint accuracy so they can make sure the appropriate amount is budgeted and the best value is acquired from their limited resources.


FastPIPE software is a comprehensive and revolutionary system in the cost estimating industry. Boasting powerful streamlined functionality for construction professionals, this innovative system helps our team to take care of every detail of our cost estimates. Inputting key project data, such as materials and labor costs, allows us to generate quick yet accurate bids with great accuracy. With its convenient library of built-in functions and collaborative features, FastPIPE complements any construction estimating service and ensures that projects stay on budget regardless of their complexity.


FastDUCT is an invaluable piece of software for those working in the building estimating industry. It helps estimate the cost of materials, labor and subcontracts required for duct system installation with accuracy and speed. This estimation software also allows to compare bids for material suppliers so that contractors can save money in bulk ordering. With the quick, reliable cost estimating the FastDUCT program provides, workers in this industry can be confident that their estimates are accurate – no matter how complex or expansive a project may be.


Bluebeam software is an innovative solution for cost estimating in the construction industry. This intuitive software enables our estimators to quickly and accurately generate accurate cost estimates that are organized and structured for quoting, procurement and project management. Bluebeam’s project tracking capabilities allow users to precisely manage the budget throughout the entire lifecycle of a project from concepts through close-out to ensure quick financial decisions. With its user-friendly tools, flexible deployment options, reliable cloud-based infrastructure and powerful analytics, Bluebeam’s award-winning technologies are setting a new standard in building estimating by increasing speed, accuracy, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Quest Estimating

Quest Estimating software is at the cutting edge of cost estimating technology. Developed to help project managers accurately estimate costs and prepare winning bids, this powerful application offers a range of features designed to make life easier for estimators. Quest Estimating is cloud-based, easy to use and highly scalable, making it an excellent choice for businesses both small and large. With unlimited support and tutorials available, we at SMA MEP estimating services are able to quickly get up to speed with any functionality they are unfamiliar with. Highly customizable options allow our estimators to create estimates that meet the specific requirements of our projects.

Your Dedicated Partner For Estimating Services

Mechanical Estimating Services

Mechanical Estimating

SMA MEP Estimating Services provides mechanical (HVAC) takeoffs with the speed and accuracy you need to stay competitive. Our experienced precision estimators use cutting-edge technology to create detailed mechanical estimates for each project. SMA MEP prides itself on prompt, professional, and accurate mechanical takeoff services without costing an arm and a leg. With SMA MEP, you have the freedom to focus on value engineering opportunities instead of struggling with time-consuming mechanical takeoffs. Let SMA MEP’s experienced estimators assist with your next project – save time and money while gaining a more competitive edge in the marketplace.

Electrical Estimating Services USA

Electrical Estimating

SMA MEP is proud to provide first-rate electrical estimating services to clients in many domestic and commercial sectors. Our team of experienced preliminary estimators are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to accurately estimate any project. Whether it be a single outlet replacement or an entire multi-million dollar installation, SMA MEP Estimating Services can provide the greatest value possible to meet any budget. With SMA MEP, you can have confidence that your electrical needs will be professionally managed from start to finish for reliable results.

Commercial plumbing estimating services

Plumbing Estimating

 SMA MEP Estimating Services is an industry leader in providing precise, fast and accurate plumbing estimating services. SMA MEP offers multiple solutions to simplify your plumbing estimation needs, providing customers with a single source for all their plumbing takeoff requirements. SMA MEP’s efficient and knowledgeable plumbing estimating staff assist clients in getting the most cost-effective solution that meets their precise requirements. SMA MEP experienced estimators are exceptionally well versed in providing precise measurements quickly, enabling customers to get the best value for money from their materials purchases.

Commercial Estimating Service United States

Commercial Estimating

SMA MEP Estimating Services are the perfect solution for commercial projects of any scope and size. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your project is accurately estimated, with a complete breakdown of all costs associated with the project. SMA MEP Estimating Services provide an in-depth review of all existing building documentation and plans to deliver reliable and accurate cost estimates for a range of commercial works. Our depth of knowledge across many different trades allows us to generate detailed quotes that take into account the full scope of the project, ensuring you have a clear and transparent picture of your SMA MEP commercial estimating requirements from start to finish.

Industrial Estimating Services in Texas

Industrial Estimating

SMA MEP Estimating Services provides comprehensive industrial estimating for your project, giving you the confidence that you have accurate construction budget estimates no matter the complexity of the design. SMA MEP’s industrial estimating is precise and reliable due to their combination of high-quality software and experienced estimators who will work with you to ensure a successful outcome are crucial. SMA MEP stands out as a leader in this space because they value quality customer service and continuous improvement, always striving to make sure their clients have the best experience possible. With SMA MEP, you can trust that your industrial estimating needs are being taken care of by competent professionals.

MEP Residential Estimating Services in USA

Residential Estimating

SMA MEP Estimating Services provide a valuable service to both businesses and homeowners alike. They offer comprehensive residential estimating that helps to streamline the development process, reduce costs, and maximize profits. No matter how complex or specific the project needs may be SMA MEP has experience in all areas of residential estimating and are ready to help customers achieve their desired results. Their knowledgeable professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure accuracy and convenience throughout the entire cost estimating process. With SMA MEP’s reliable and innovative residential estimating services, you can trust them to make your construction dreams a reality.


Fast turnaround:

SMA MEP Estimating Services provide a fast turnaround time for delivering precise cost estimating solutions for any project. Working in close association with clients, SMA MEP gives professional and experienced cost estimation advice to assist customers in being cost-efficient, while keeping the required quality aspect within the project costs.

24/7 Customer Support:

SMA MEP Estimating Services offers an invaluable service to anyone who needs a reliable and competent cost estimating partner. By working with SMA, customers can expect an unbeatable 24/7 customer support system, allowing them to access assistance anytime, day or night.

Economical price range:

SMA MEP Estimating Services is an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers looking to get the most out of their money. SMA MEP offers economical pricing with a range of services to ensure any sort of MEP project receives the highest quality service and estimate available.

Certified estimators:

SMA MEP Estimating Services is the perfect choice for any construction project. Our certified estimators have a deep understanding of mechanical estimating, electrical estimating, and plumbing estimating to ensure accurate estimates that consider all potential costs associated with the project. SMA pairs its estimating expertise with years of experience in mechanical engineering, making it the ideal choice for reliable, professional service.

Details and regular updates:

SMA MEP Estimating Services is an invaluable resource for contractors and project managers who are looking for detailed reports to stay on budget. SMA MEP estimate offers affordable and efficient services for any size job, providing clients with regular updates so that they can keep their projects organized and within budget.

Professional Team with a wide range of skillset:

Highly-skilled Estimators, engineers, field specialists, and project managers make our estimation team.

New Customers


We are pleased to announce that all of our new customers can now avail a 30% discount on our MEP estimating services. These services are designed to help contractors, engineers, and other professionals accurately estimate the cost of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for construction projects.

How To Begin with Us!



Upload Drawings

Please submit your designs by uploading your plan documents by completing the form on our website. Your plans must be in PDF format and can be in the form of a bid set, schematic, construction document, schematic design, or conceptual drawings. It might be a portal link or a dropbox connection. We’ll provide you a quote that includes an invoice, a turnaround time, and a delivery date once you send us your drawing plans and needs.



Get a quote

Your information and plans will be evaluated, and then you will get a price immediately away. The invoice can be paid with a bank debit/credit card or a wire transfer. Our committed Estimators will go to work on your project as soon as possible.



Get a detailed estimate report

You will receive an estimate that details the cost as well as the quantities of all supplies and labour. In order to demonstrate how we arrived at the numbers, we can provide the estimate and takeoff sheet in EXCEL, our own template, or the client’s template.

Ways to contact us

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If you want to require more information about our services or interested in talking to our team, we are one call away. Our experts are available to help you out.

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Construction Estimator, Material Takeoffs

At our company, we offer construction estimator and material takeoff services to help our clients accurately budget and plan for their construction projects. Our team of experienced estimators uses advanced software and industry knowledge to accurately calculate the costs of materials, labor, and other expenses involved in a construction project. We also provide detailed material takeoff lists to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of all the materials needed for their project, including quantities and cost estimates. Our services are designed to help our clients make informed decisions and successfully complete their construction projects on time and within budget.

Cost-efficient budget estimating services

Construction Bid Estimates for General & Subcontractors

SMA MEP estimating services provide construction bid estimates for general contractors and subcontractors. These estimates are used to help contractors and subcontractors determine the cost of a construction project, including the cost of materials, labor, and other expenses. The process of preparing a construction bid estimate involves analyzing the project plans and specifications, identifying the materials and labor required, and calculating the cost of each item. The estimate is then used to determine the overall cost of the project and help contractors and subcontractors prepare a bid for the work.

Design-phase budget estimating services

Design Estimate for Architects & Designers

 SMA MEP estimates can provide design estimates for architects and designers as part of the cost estimating process. We use our expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to provide estimates for these components of a construction project, as well as provide estimates for other aspects of the project such as structural elements and finishes. By providing design estimates, SMA MEP can help architects and designers understand the cost implications of different design choices and make informed decisions about the materials and construction methods they use in their projects.

Reliable budget estimating services

Construction Estimator

SMA MEP estimates provides construction cost estimating services to its clients through the hard work and expertise of its construction cost estimators. Our estimators are responsible for analyzing the plans and specifications of a construction project, identifying the materials and labor required, and calculating the cost of each item. They use their knowledge of construction materials, methods, and practices to accurately estimate the cost of a project and help clients make informed decisions about the cost of their projects. Through their hard work and dedication, the estimators at SMA MEP are able to provide valuable services to their clients and help them successfully complete their construction projects.

Monthly Takeoff services florida

Monthly Takeoff Packages for Busy Contractors

We provide you with monthly bundles. You can lower your costs by choosing one of our monthly bundles. You can cut your internal estimator’s costs by as much as 60%. While you have precise and effective takeoff services for construction. You will be able to bid higher and win bigger this way. All services are available under one roof.

MEP Construction cost estimating services

Consultation & Bid Filing

At SMA MEP  estimate provides consultation and bid filing services as part of their construction cost estimating services. Consultation services involve working closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals for a construction project and providing guidance on how to achieve those goals within the client’s budget. This may include discussing different design options and materials, as well as providing advice on construction methods and techniques.

Preliminary Dedicated construction estimation

Preliminary Estimate and Construction Document Estimate for Developers

SMA MEP estimate provides both preliminary estimates and construction document estimates for developers as part of their construction cost estimating services.

A preliminary estimate is a rough estimate of the cost of a construction project, based on limited information such as a project summary or conceptual drawings.

A construction document estimate, on the other hand, is a more detailed and accurate estimate of the cost of a construction project, based on complete and finalized plans and specifications.  By providing both preliminary and construction document estimates, SMA MEP can help developers understand the cost implications of their projects at different stages of development and make informed decisions about whether to move forward with them.


When producing material takeoffs for construction projects, it is important to understand what exactly is included. At SMA MEP estimates, our material takeoffs are very comprehensive and detailed. They include every necessary factor in a construction project including materials, labor, equipment use, as well as any special accessories that may be required.

Estimating and doing a takeoff for a construction project requires precision and accuracy. The very basics are the project drawings, blueprints, specifications and other documents that provide information on the materials needed and the dimensions of the job. Additional details such as labor costs, productivity rates, permits and fees should also be determined in order to get an accurate estimate.

Our average turnaround time is incredibly quick! We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to orders promptly; typically, customers can expect their order to be completed and arrive within a matter of days from the date they placed it.

Estimators are tasked with providing an accurate projection of the cost of a project, taking into consideration all factors that could affect the final costs. They look at an array of aspects, ranging from the materials used to labor and transportation costs. Estimators must also factor in any potential risks or delays that may arise during the project timeline, as well as consider any safety or environmental regulations that may apply.

Construction cost estimating is an essential part of any construction project and accurate estimates are a huge factor in being successful. Being able to budget properly is crucial and the impact inaccurate estimations can have on missing deadlines, going over budget and having unexpected costs can all be avoided when accuracy is taken into account.

Perhaps the most common mistake made during the cost estimation process in construction is overlooking certain components of a project. This can mean leaving out important items that may contribute to an increased total budget, such as materials and labor overages, unforeseen permitting costs, site prep or other fees.

The cost of construction can vary greatly depending on the type, size and location of a project. Home renovations, for example, can usually be completed far cheaper than building a high-rise office tower in an urban area. Things like labour costs or materials needed to complete a job will all play a role in determining the overall cost of any given construction project.

How Do SMA helps its clients to accomplish projects?

Many well-known contractors frequently uses our professional and experienced Estimating and Takeoff services.

Get an accurate estimate for your next project

SMA MEP estimate provides powerful and reliable estimating services to assist its clients with their project needs. From pre-design cost estimation to the final completion of the project, SMA MEP’s estimators will work hand in hand with the client’s architects and engineers to maximize cost efficiency. In addition, SMA MEP cost estimating also offers a variety of consulting services tailored to helping clients manage risk and deliver successful projects. From technically and reflectively evaluating materials components to monitoring contractor compliance, SMA MEP estimating services are key in ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time. SMA MEPS experienced staff of professional estimators ensures accuracy and detail-oriented support from concept to completion.

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