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HVAC Estimating Services by SMA MEP estimate are professional services that work to provide HVAC contractors with comprehensive and accurate estimates for HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair projects.

Our services specialize in performing HVAC-related cost calculations backed by detailed research and analysis. Our expertise in the HVAC industry allows us to generate accurate price quotes and other useful information related to HVAC materials cost, installation labor costs, profit expectations, replacement parts expenses, as well as projected sales for HVAC products. HVAC Estimating Services by SMA MEP Estimate are invaluable tools for HVAC professionals who need to make informed decisions regarding their projects without sacrificing time or quality of service.

Residential Estimating Services For All Scopes Of Projects

HVAC Cost Estimating Services


Our estimators effectively collaborate with your design teams showing multiple cost options for various design alterations that allow them to make the right decisions that go well with your client’s budget limits.



We provide a thorough consultation to HVAC contractors on smartly filing bids, contract negotiations and even strategies to grow their contracting business.


HVAC Estimate Deliverables

We offer you a detailed estimate with a well-written scope of work. Our HVAC estimate package includes:

HVAC takeoff Estimate services

Highly qualified estimators to assist you in HVAC cost estimates

HVAC cost estimates services in USA

HVAC Estimating services are a valuable resource for businesses and HVAC contractors in need of HVAC system installation and maintenance. HVAC estimating services provide an experienced HVAC estimator to estimate the cost and complexity of HVAC systems. HVAC takeoffs services also help businesses accurately calculate project timelines, ensuring materials are ordered in a timely manner, while previous HVAC systems are removed safely.

HVAC estimators use various software programs to track material costs, labor hours, past projects and identify areas where money can be saved on future HVAC projects. HVAC estimating services provide invaluable advantages that enable professionals to have accurate estimations on time and budget - helping streamline HVAC system installations and repairs with accuracy.

We use the industry’s leading software like FastDUCT, PlanswiftTrimble etc. to digitally takeoff the quantities for HVAC systems and then export them to EXCEL spreadsheets. For costing material, labor and equipment, we either use your vendor quotations or RSMeans. We can also take quotations from manufacturers like CaptiveAire, Bryant, Frigidaire, Daikin, Lennox, Ductmate, Thermaflex, Certainteed, Metalbestos and many others.

  • Ductwork
  • Condensing units
  • Roof top units
  • Air Handler Units
  • Air Devices
  • Casings
  • Duct insulation
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Pipings
  • Hangers
  • Supports
  • Pumps
  • Duct smoke detector
  • Volume dampers
  • Thermostats
  • Louver
  • Clean-out
  • Bird screen
  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps

Flexibility To Handle All Types & Sizes Of HVAC Cost Estimates

Use of Digital Software for the most Accurate & Efficient HVAC Estimating Services!

HVAC ESTIMATING SERVICES is a service we provide utilizing digital software that makes HVAC estimating easier and more accurate. The HVAC estimator software enables us to accurately generate HVAC cost estimates quickly, saving both time and money. Our HVAC cost estimate process is accessible from your desktop computer or mobile device, allowing you to conveniently access the HVAC estimates anytime and anywhere. With HVAC ESTIMATING SERVICES, you can be confident that your HVAC installation project will be done in an efficient and cost-effective manner with minimal surprises along the way.

With an in-house team of specialized HVAC estimators, we have unparalleled experience of handling a wide scope of projects of any complexity and size. Whether it is a new HVAC system cost estimate or a commercial HVAC maintenance cost estimate. From homes, apartments, condominiums to banks, office buildings, warehouses, gas stations, retail stores, hospitals, community centers, etc, we provide HVAC estimating services for private and public commercial, residential and industrial projects.

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Our HVAC Estimating Services are the very best in the industry. We provide top-notch HVAC cost estimates that are tailored to each and every customer’s unique needs. We always strive to exceed expectations and ensure that our customers receive the highest quality HVAC cost estimate possible!

Our HVAC Estimating Services will help you save both time and money as we provide detailed estimates that make it easier for you to manage your HVAC costs. Try us today and see just how much value SMA MEP estimate can bring to your business!

HVAC cost estimate


If you are a sheet metal contractor or duct fabricator, we can provide you with assistance in ductwork labor cost and material estimating solution. For Ductwork fabrication, we quantify sheet metal raw materials, joints, duct liners, stiffeners, tie-rods, hangers and other duct accessories. We provide cost estimate reports in terms of sheet metals pounds, linear, square feet, labor (shop and field), and man-hours while revealing all the hidden costs as well.

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With the experienced team of estimators and proficiency in cutting edge software technology, we promise the on-time delivery of estimates with high-quality services and customer support.

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Fast Turnarounds

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Market Competitive Rates



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SMA MEP Estimate has been a valued part of our development team over the last few years. Their cost and quantity estimates are thorough and well documented and are a reliable part of our budgeting process, which is critical to our land acquisitions. We fully endorse their construction cost estimating services.

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