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7 Steps to Master Electrical Takeoffs for Winning Bids

There is no doubt that creating accurate Electrical Takeoffs is vital for the construction project. It will help the client in conserving cost and time. On the other hand, it will help you get positive recognition and attain a loyal client. But before all that you need to present your bid to the client. So the question is how can you win more bids in electrical estimations?

Perks of Bid Winning

Winning a bid one can be a thrilling experience. It gives you a sense of achievement and also gives your confidence a boost. But apart from feeling good about yourself, bid winning also comes with its perks such as:

  • Gaining clients
  • Improving credibility
  • Earning a good reputation
  • Securing jobs
  • Increase in revenue

Thus, it is vital for an estimator to win as many bids as possible. It will help in career growth and clients will also trust the professional estimator.


7 Steps To Become An Expert in Electrical Takeoffs

Every estimator wants to gain expertise in his work. Becoming the master of your field is not an easy task. It takes time to refine your abilities and gain knowledge. This article will give you a start on how to win more bids in just 7 steps.

Understand Project Requirements Before Electrical Takeoffs 

Neglecting to check the specifications of the project can be the worst mistake one can make. If you don’t know what is asked of you, how will you provide it? Always go through the requirements of the projects. Look out for any special demands or customization. It will aid you in establishing an accurate takeoff.

Identify Required Material in Electrical System 

The next step in Electrical Estimation would be to identify all the parts of the electrical system. You need to have a clear knowledge of electrical systems and their components. The list of materials is going to depend upon the project and the requirements of the client. Is it a replacement estimation or an upgrade? If you need to install a new system from scratch you are going to need more materials. Following is the list of materials commonly used:

  • Electrical distribution system 
  • Circuits
  • Wiring
  • Switches 
  • Feeders
  • Fuses
  • Capacitors 
  • Conduits

Take Precise Measurements for Electrical Takeoffs

In construction, takeoff is one of the time-consuming tasks. This is due to a complex network of electrical plans. An expert has to carefully interpret the structural plans. You need to carry detailed measurements of each and everything. By doing so it becomes certain how much material is going to go in the project.

Determine the Price

It is essential to determine the price of resources to be utilized in an Electrical Takeoff. Prices are always varying in the construction industry. Hence an estimator must analyze the quantity of resources. This is to make sure that a shortage of material or equipment doesn’t occur during construction. Thoroughly survey the market to gain information about the current price rates. Moreover, finishing the right supplier is an essential part of takeoff. The price of material per unit can vary among suppliers. It is also impacted by the region. So research extensively to determine the price per piece.

Create Precise Electrical Takeoffs by Technological Aids

Incorporate technological software for your calculations Why is that so? Well, using software can have a significant positive impact on your calculation. They are free from human error and require less time. It saves you the hassle of doing everything manually. For bigger projects such as industrial or commercial buildings, you can use other innovations. Such as 3D models or drones to get a birds-eye view of the construction site. It will help you to understand the layout in a much better way and help to create accurate takeoffs.

Build an Attractive Proposal

After you have quantified the material, you need to create a proposal that stands out. It will capture the attention of the client. You should avoid scripted proposals. Your tone should be professional yet show concern about the client. Highlight the most relevant skills for the project. Other than that you should add testimonials from past clients to build a trustworthy relationship.

Review Everything!

Re-evaluation may be the most important step in Residential Estimation. Going through your work can help you to identify any mistakes or errors. It gives you a second chance to redo your mistakes, if any. Moreover, it allows you to make sure that you have not missed anything. Most professional estimators find it helpful to double-check their work. A review will help you to present a perfect proposal. 



Finally, these are some factors that can help you create precise Electrical takeoff so bids can be won. It is important to thoroughly work on bids and make sure that the quality of submitted bids is excellent. Also detailed carrying out of Takeoffs ensures that all the elements of Construction are covered. This authenticates that estimations which are done are accurate. The steps discussed in this article are of top priority. This means that by following these steps an estimator can perform Electrical takeoffs without minimal mistakes. This in return will make sure that the estimates are as accurate as possible. Which assures that the project will be completed within the time limit.

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