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10 Best Construction Estimating Software (2023)

Construction estimators can develop estimates, plans, and efficient bids with the support of the Best Construction Estimating Software. One cannot exaggerate how crucial estimating software is to the modern construction business. A successful project depends on the crucial process of construction estimation. The project’s profits, and overall success are directly impacted by the efficiency and accuracy of the estimation. The most accurate material quantities, labor prices, and additional project expenses are estimated using advanced techniques and databases by the top construction estimating software.

Construction Estimating is an important part of the pre-construction bidding process, in which contractors and builders submit offers to project owners to deliver services for a building project. These bids indicate the cost that the contractor estimates incurring to build the project or infrastructure. Companies and governments receive bids from several contractors for major building projects before selecting the one who will complete the work. Therefore, contractors estimate project costs or submit bids for construction contracts. To do this, they can utilize advanced software’s to handle the estimates and bidding process to save time and money.

Why Do You Require Softwares for Construction Estimation?

Construction Estimating Software is a valuable tool that offers numerous benefits to construction professionals and estimating companies. For instance, by embracing construction estimating software, you can enhance the efficiency and success of your construction projects.

Here are some compelling reasons why you need construction estimating software:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Increased Competitiveness
  • Cost Control and Budgeting
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Adaptability to Project Complexity
  • Streamlined Project Management

10 Best Construction Estimating Software

We present the 10 Best Construction Estimating Software solutions, each offering unique features to cater to various project complexities and business needs. Let’s delve into these top-performing software options to help you choose the best fit for your construction projects.


PlanSwift is a leading construction estimating program for digital takeoffs and quantity measurement. Users can easily and accurately obtain measurements from digital plans using the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. PlanSwift is a comprehensive solution for efficient project management because of its large database of pre-built components and integration with other software products.


ProEst is a capable construction estimating program created to meet the demands of general contractors and industry experts. It features a user-friendly interface that makes takeoffs, cost calculations, and bid preparation quick and accurate. ProEst is a well-liked option for businesses of all sizes because of its configurable templates, strong reporting tools, and smooth interface with accounting systems.


HeavyBid is a specialized construction estimating software that caters to large civil and infrastructure companies. With its extensive features and database management capabilities, estimators can handle complex cost structures and large-scale projects with multiple bid items. Users can efficiently manage complex projects with HeavyBid while maintaining accuracy and control.


FastPIPE is a first-rate construction estimate program for mechanical contractors. It simplifies material takeoffs and cost estimates for plumbing and HVAC projects, making them faster to estimate. The 3D visualization features of FastPIPE and its integration with CAD and BIM applications enhance accuracy and ensure smooth project collaboration.


FastDUCT, like its sibling FastPIPE, is designed for mechanical contractors, but it focuses more on HVAC estimating. The program delivers accurate material takeoffs and cost estimates, which simplifies the estimating process for ducting and ventilation systems. Users can improve the efficiency of their projects and their workflows by using FastDUCT’s automation features.


Trimble is a comprehensive building management software that provides a number of functions, including resource management, project scheduling, and estimating. Construction teams can efficiently manage their budgets and schedules thanks to its estimating module, which offers precise quantity takeoffs and cost projections. The cloud-based platform of Trimble encourages accessibility and cooperation among project stakeholders.


Bluebeam is a great option for construction estimating and documentation because of its strong PDF solutions. Quick takeoffs and annotations of project plans are made possible by its markup and measurement tools, which also enable real-time communication between team members and accurate calculations. The cloud storage and collaboration capabilities of Bluebeam significantly improve output and project management.

RS Means

A product of Gordian, RS Means is a construction estimate tool that provides detailed cost information for various building projects. It gives users access to a vast database of labor and material prices, enabling estimators to provide precise and trustworthy estimates. No matter where the project is located, exact estimates are guaranteed by RS Means’ cost indexes and site-specific data.

Quest Estimating

Quest Estimating is a cloud-based estimating tool designed to simplify estimation and improve collaboration. Users can create detailed estimates quickly thanks to the application’s user-friendly interface and pre-built assemblies. The cloud platform used by Quest Estimating allows seamless data sharing between team members, boosting project efficiency and enabling real-time collaboration.


Xactimate is a construction estimate program designed specifically for the insurance and repair sectors. It simplifies the estimation process for real estate claims and repairs and gives users precise, industry-recognized figures. In addition, the documentation process is made simpler by Xactimate’s interface with insurance claim management systems. It makes it a popular choice among contractors.


As construction projects become more complex and larger, the need for accurate and efficient estimating solutions is constantly growing. To address this need, the top ten estimating software options discussed in this article are tailored to meet specific project goals. Moreover, these software choices offer a wide range of features to equip construction professionals, from digital takeoffs and cost estimates to real-time collaboration and cloud-based access. Therefore, in the construction industry, the best construction estimating software has a significant impact on a project’s performance by delivering precise results and managing building costs effectively.

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