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How to Clear Plumbing Drains Without Chemicals

Have you ever had to face a frustrating moment when your Plumbing Drains are not cooperating? Surely you would have! It is a big headache in almost every home. How are they clogged up? Drains get clogged from a buildup of dirt,hair, soap scum and other goop. You have to make sure that drains are cleared, otherwise the flow of water will be stopped. Dirty water will stay on your sink. If you are facing such an issue, there are multiple chemical drain cleaners to unclog drains. 

Chemical drains are helpful but you can not imagine what they can do to your piping systems. These chemicals are so strong that they can even melt a pipe. But fear not! We have some home remedies and some preventive steps from which you can solve this issue on your own. If you have serious issues or you want to reinvest in your plumbing can take assistance from cost estimating companies.

Such companies offer Plumbing Estimating Services. That can really come in handy. These services can give you a heads up about how much different methods of cleaning might cost. These methods can be like drain snakes or hydro-jetting gear to tackle obstinate blockages. So, let us first show you some home remedies to unclog a drain. That is very simple.

Facing a Stubborn Plumbing Drain Issue? Discover Chemical-Free Solutions to Unclog Your Plumbing Drains Hassle-Free!

Boiling Water

Whenever you find any drain problems in your home. Always jump to the simplest solutions. If your issue is not that big. Pouring boiling water into the sink is a very effective way to unclog drains. The hot water melts away any substance blocking the drain. 

The substance can be like scum, grease and other waste materials of food. Apart from these substances, the most common thing is hair and tine objects. Boiling water helps to dissolve this, dislodging them from the pipes. Then it is moved down easily. You have to repeat this procedure multiple times in a day. To get more effective results.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If your drain is still clogged. You can use baking soda and vinegar mixture to unclog the drain. This is a very common and famous method. Because baking soda is like a soft scrubber. It helps to drain away all the gunk in the pipes. On the other hand, vinegar is acidic in nature. That is why it helps in dissolving hard blockages.

You just have to take boiling water. Add vinegar and soda in it. The water will start splashing because of the baking soda reaction with vinegar. Then pour this mixture into the kitchen or bathroom sink. Together, these tackle all the dirt in your drains. This method is remarkably effective and can save your money on buying expensive chemical solutions.


A plunger is a valuable tool that is used to unclog drains. You can use plungers on a bathroom sink. If your sink is clogged due to hair or soap residue. You can clear this by using a plunger. How to use it? It is a very simple method. Just place the plunger over the drain, firstly remove dirt from the sink. Drain should be completely covered with the plunger. Now start pumping the plunger in and out strenuously. If your water is not going down, repeat the method. 

Plunger helps in draining all the unclogged water. Because of its suction power and the force of in and out. Basically it’s the pressure that helps in clearing the pipes. So, it is a very simple and yet less energetic work to clear pipes. 

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are not considered as harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. These cleaners are basically the natural enzymes or small living organisms to tackle unclogged drains. This helps in cleaning up the food scraps, grease and gunk from your pipes.

You just have to put enzyme cleaner into the sink that is clogged.  Enzymes help in breaking down all the organic goop causing a blockage. These are like little cleaners , chowing down on the waste material. The best thing about enzyme cleaners is that they don’t harm your pipes.

Now You Know the Ropes! Get Ahead of Those Plumbing Drains Woes With These Eco-Friendly Methods. Keep Those Drains Clear and Your Plumbing in Top Shape!

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Cleared Plumbing Drains are very important for the smooth water flowing throughout your home. Because clogged drains can produce stinky smells and slow drainage. You can also take preventive steps in order to save drains from being clogged. A proper functioning drain prevents water from pooling sinks. Some preventive steps can save you from costly repairs.

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