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How to Perform an Electrical Takeoff for Construction Projects

A successful project also depends on the accuracy of Electrical Takeoff. This takeoff is the list of all the materials related to electricity. Before starting any construction, this list is finalized. By reading and analyzing the project needs carefully. So, all the materials like wires, switches, lights, and more are listed in the list. Performing electrical estimating is not an easy task. Estimators and contractors can do this work accurately. Why? Because of their experience in different nature of products. They know every detail, prices, and what is happening in the market. They are aware of everything that helps them to estimate costs flawlessly.

For simple and small construction projects. Accuracy in Electrical Estimating is not that tough to achieve. But for commercial and industrial projects, there are tons of electric things to look out for. The factor of accuracy is dependent on the analysis of drawings. If the estimator or any other professional lacks in analyzing. The overall cost of the project will be devastating! For the contractor, the most important thing is to secure a project by winning a bid. 

If the contractor fails to cover Electrical Takeoff accurately. No one would work with that contractor. Nowadays the clients are also brilliant. They know and know the rough estimates. So, contractors that bid too low or too high, never secure a project. If they hire MEP Estimators for their electrical projects. They must do proper research before hiring them. Because performing an Electrical Takeoff requires smart decisions—engineers or agencies that have years of experience in this field. Never disappoints and delivers the best results possible. 


Decoding Electrical Takeoff Projects

The whole process of Electrical Takeoff requires a careful analysis. This analysis is done by the contractors or estimators. They have to look at the past data to figure out if the job is worth their time. If the team has the right experience then will jump right into the bidding. Their calculations and knowledge tell them which project is profitable. In estimating you need the right experience and the right estimates to make a project successful. Let’s see there are how many main costs in Electrical Takeoff.


If some client wants to construct their residential building. The electrical contractor will figure out how many electric items the building requires. They have to measure and count from the building plans and drawings. By using cutting-edge technology, their takeoffs are super accurate. If they order fewer things then it will be a problem after. So it is better to be accurate in the first time. To be safe from all kinds of hassle.

Labor Cost

Then there comes the labor cost for electrical projects. It depends on a reputable company how their estimators tackle any type of challenges. It is said that smaller companies rely on previous projects. But this is not recommendable! It can lead to errors. The good approach is to calculate labor costs using labor units. How it is determined? By analyzing the time it takes for workers to install electric things.

Overhead Cost

In the project’s estimates, overhead costs should never be compromised. This cost is like an indirect cost like accounting fees, marketing, insurance, legal fees, rent, taxes, phone bills, utilities, and more. In short, this overhead cost must be included for the right Electrical Takeoff. It is a secret code to success. Estimators must cover all the nitty-gritty overhead costs.

How to Perform Electrical Takeoff?

Examine Drawings

The examination of drawings also demands to scrutinize Division 1 and Division 26 specifications. Taking a closer look at the plans is vital for Electrical Takeoff. Estimators not only understand the architecture well. But also master in heights, elevations, and their impact on labor costs, material pricing, and equipment requirements. One who can identify disparities among drawings and specs. They can make sure the electrical projects are precise in estimation.

Use Modern Tools

This current time is all about digital things. People rely on digital tools whether they are free or paid. Multiple companies offer takeoff software to accurately perform quantity takeoff. The electrical drawings show how many items like light fixtures, receptacles, conduit runs, panels, and gear are required. One by one estimators count and measure to maintain precise totals. After that, they recheck by revisiting the drawings to see if any detail is missed. So use tech in your estimates to deliver spot-on results.

 Start with Solid Estimates

Figuring out the right amount of materials and labor needed is important. Also, the unit cost for each item. According to the demand of the construction project. The estimators adjust both materials and labor costs. For the materials, they ask from different suppliers. Whereas the labor cost is calculated by the time required to complete the task.

Thorough Checking Of Takeoffs

Once the calculation of things is done. Double-check Electrical Takeoff. If there is any mistake, you can correct it before the submission. This gives you a chance to win the bid because your proposal will be error-free. You must take time to revise the proposal. Don’t rush! Just make sure that nothing is overlooked. For further help, you can discuss it with experts. By learning from mistakes and experience. You polish your estimating skills. 


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The process of Electrical Takeoff might seem like a normal job. But it is not. It is a huge responsibility for the professionals. They need to be accurate at every cost. As this involves the client’s money. The clients hand over their finances to estimators. So they do not have to frustrate but they are involved in every matter. Make sure you have updated your estimating systems. You use advanced software and tools to do the right job! It makes the work easier. Whether it is for on-screen takeoff, estimating, and quoting. Digital tools are the best replacements of the manual methods. If software can auto-count your electrical projects. Then why waste time on pen and paper methods? Do not worry these all methods are budget-friendly. 

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